AwesomeDocs Site Configuration

Learn what configuration options are available to configure/customize your AwesomeDocs documentation website.

AwesomeDocs provides a few ways in which you can configure your documentation website.

The configuration file is called config.yaml and it lives inside the content directory. It has various options and all of them can be customized. Here we'll go through them one by one.


The title field is used to as the title of your documentation website. This is also used instead of your site logo, if you haven't provided one or if your provided logo isn't a valid image.

title: "Prism"


The description field is used as the main description of your documentation website.

description: "A new programming language!"


The logo field takes an image URL. This image is used as your site logo. If you don't provide a logo, or the logo is invalid, the site title will be used as fallback.

logo: ""


The feedback field takes an URL, both relative and absolute. If this field is provided, a link to this page will be shown in the footer instructing users to send feedbacks at this link.

feedback: ""


The copyright field is used as the copyright notice and is placed in the footer of the website.

copyright: "Copyright 2019 - Prism Programming Language"


The color field can be used to set the accent color of your website. If this is not provided, the default accent color of AwesomeDocs is used. It takes any valid CSS color property values.

color: "#9f82fe"


The links field is used to set the links that will be shown in the header of the website.

This takes a list of name and link fields:

  - name: Website
  - name: Repository


The navigation field is used to set the navigation links that will be shown in sidebar of the website.

This takes a list of sections. A section consists of a section name - represented by the section field - and a list of links (similar to the links option) fields:

  - section: "Intro"
        - name: "Home"
          link: "/"
  - section: "Learn"
      - name: Learn the Basics
        link: /basic
      - name: Advanced Prism
        link: /advance