Get Started with AwesomeDocs

Get started with AwesomeDocs and build your documentation website in a few minutes.

Step 1 - Initialization

Create an AwesomeDocs project

mkdir my-awesome-docs
cd my-awesome-docs && awesomedocs init

This will create two directories content and static inside the newly created my-awesome-docs directory.

The content directory is where your documentation and AwesomeDocs configuration lives. And anything you put inside the static directory will be available in the root of your website.

We have a starter template repository which you can use as a template to start off your documentation website:

Step 2 - Write your heart out

Write your documentations using Markdown and put the files inside the content directory.

You can look at this documentation website's source as a reference:

Step 3 - Voilà 🎊

To preview your website, use the awesomedocs serve command and connect to the URL shown in the terminal and you'll see your awesome new documentation website.

Step 4 - Build for deployment

If you're done and now you want to deploy the website to your preferred service, run the awesomedocs build command and your website will be built for you in a few moments and inside the build directory.

You can then deploy the contents of the build directory to any service you want and your awesome new documentation website is now live!

Congratulations! 🎉